The Chapman family have owned Battlehill Farm from the late seventeen hundreds and there has been a tradition of apple growing and in particular bramley apple for over two hundred years. It is this skill and experience that goes into all their apple products.

Chapman Foods started to manufacture apple products on the farm for the bakery and food service sector in 1993 and in spring 2002 they moved to a new purpose built factory on the farm.

Chapman Foods is an ISO 9001 accredited company.

Chapman Foods in keeping with their tradition of improvement and advancement have embarked on the development of new products and the extension to their factory which will keep them as one of the most efficient.

The Bramley apples we use are grown in the green and gently rolling hills of Co Armagh were they ripen slowly in the long summer days giving them their unique flavour and texture.

We use only the freshest and crunchiest Bramley apples in our apple products. Our grower’s attention to detail ensures our bramley apples are grown to the highest environmental and horticultural standards.

Before Bramley apples are permitted to enter our factory they are subject to a series of quality checks and inspections, each apple is carefully examined to ensure that only the firmest and crunchiest apple go into our apple products.

Chapman Foods is unique in that we can and do manufacture products to individual customer’s requirements.
Many of our products have evolved from ideas or requirements from our customers.