After months of intensive planning and design Chapman Foods has launched it brand new website which is looking sleek even if I do say so myself. One of the main reasons for creating our new website is to reach out to current customer and potential ones.

This website will allow you gain an insight into our company how we started, how we have grown and the history of our family in Bramley apple growing industry. Through this you will see the experience and expertise we can bring to your company. The website will take a look at how Bramley apples are carefully grown throughout the year and how we carefully select only the crunchiest Irish Bramley apples to produce product that is of the highest possible standard.

The new website will also allow you to view our full product range. Allowing us show case our product to those who are not familiar with what we at Chapman Foods and provide temping new ideas for our current customers. Of course in this ever changing market it is important to innovate in order to remain fresh due this fact we at Chapman Foods run an extensive new product development program which has produced some great new products such as our Natural apple. The website will allow us to keep you informed of any new and exciting product we have in development and also allow you to give feedback on what your views are. Many of our current range of products have been developed to meet individual customers’ needs so if you have a product in mind please feel free to contact us.

During the weeks and months that will follow we will be posting news and information on the website which should help keep you informed of the current events such as how the current growing season of Bramley apples is progressing or about promotions that are coming up. So sign up to keep up to date with all the goings on at Chapman Foods.

I has been a lot of fun designing our website from the ground up I hope you find it informative and easy to use. I look forward to hearing all your comments.


John Chapman

Business Development Manager